Ariel Yardeni
ah-ree-ELL yar-DAY-knee
Senior Policy Strategist I

Ariel Yardeni is a Senior Policy Strategist with A1M Solutions. She is passionate about health equity and using the ever-growing body of research about the social determinants of health to influence policymaking.

Ariel uses her skills as a mixed-methods researcher to focus on improving government services related to health and education. She obtained her MPhil in Education, Globalisation, and International Development at the University of Cambridge, where she explored the relationship between health education and trust in authority in an international context. She’s spent the past six years working on Federal programs at multiple agencies including the Office of Personnel Management, United States Agency for International Development, and the National Institutes of Health. She has also done freelance interpretation and translation work for Federal and local government programs in both Spanish and Mandarin Chinese.

In her free time, she enjoys traveling, learning new languages, and finding new spots to swim and SCUBA dive.