Our Values

A1M’s goal is simple – to do the right thing for our employees, customers, partners, and community.

We are committed to positive social and environmental impact

We build connections between people, because that increases the good we can do together.

Kristine, A1M’s CEO, grew up on a ranch in the arid center of California. Caring for animals and growing their own food taught her the value of hard work and the power of compassion. It was these early experiences that she also formed a deep connection to nature. Rosie, the horse pictured here, was one of Kristine’s dearest friends.

We choose to keep the lessons of A1 Ranch front and center in the A1M name to remind us that we can only achieve our goal by sustaining our connections to each other, to our communities, and to the environment.

Sunset from North Rim Trail, Bidwell Park, Chico CA
photo by Larry Leigh

While our primary expertise is founded in the Medicare and Medicaid government healthcare programs, our dedication is supporting not only equality, but equity for people in the United States, by contributing to programs serving disadvantaged and under served populations.

A1M is based in Chico, California, which is on Mechoopda and Konkow Maidu land.

As a business, we choose behaviors and practices that support our communities and each other.

Sunset from North Rim Trail, Bidwell Park, Chico CA
photo by Larry Leigh

A1M Values

We give to our communities

We can give more to our communities and our environment together than we could individually. As a company, we give a minimum of 10% of our profits to charitable causes.

We make a donation on behalf of each new employee to the non-profit of their choice and offer paid time off for community service. We enjoy learning about the nonprofits each employee chooses to support.

Portland Street Medicine Logo

For her new employee donation, Caitlin chose Portland Street Medicine, which meets her temporary neighbors where they are to provide healthcare and other supportive services.

Butte County Community School logo

Sam volunteers with the Butte County Community School in Chico, an alternative public school that supports students who face significant issues including poverty, homelessness, and incarcerated parents.

Ancient Song Doula Logo

Betsy chose Ancient Song Doula Services in Brooklyn, which offers doula services to people who otherwise could not afford doula care, including low-income women of color and incarcerated pregnant people.

We choose client work that matches our values

We choose contracts where our work supports disadvantaged populations. We won’t work on contracts that do harm to our communities or the environment.

We build a supportive environment for employees

We are a remote company that hires employees across the country, which supports our goal of an inclusive and flexible workplace. We use good management practices for remote work, including an onboarding process, informal check-ins, and regularly reviewing and updating roles and responsibilities with each employee. It’s important for each member of our team to know how they can contribute in valuable ways and stay connected. When we bring skilled people into government service with good jobs, this benefits everyone.

We are financially independent

We are not funded by outside investment, which allows us to govern by our own values.

Our guiding principles are inspired by nature

A1M uses core principles inspired by practices found in nature to guide the way we think and work. Our principles include:

  • Building sustainable change - We cultivate transformation that endures long after our  involvement
  • Working for the betterment of the whole - We advance collaboration and build strong connections that benefit the entire ecosystem
  • Bridging the past to the future - We address today’s needs by learning from the past and adapting for the future
  • Optimizing rather than maximizing - We work with focus, making deliberate choices about our commitments
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We are a remote-first workplace with employees across the United States. Our client projects have core hours for part of each work day, with flexibility in schedule before and after core hours.

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